Weight Control -

Virtual Gastric Banding:

With today’s busy lifestyles, at times, thinking about what we are eating gets little attention.  Many of us rush around using quick ready meals and snacking to help get us through the day.  To maintain a healthy weight or to get back to a healthy weight, can be difficult.  Being overweight can impact on health in many ways,

  • Type II Diabetes,

  • Heart conditions,

  • Sexual dysfunction

  • Body image

  • Self-confidence and self esteem


Virtual Gastric Banding is a recognised technique that has helped those patients who for medical reasons cannot have actual surgery or for whom weight needs to be lost before this or any other type of surgery can be carried out. It involves an initial consultation where I can take a detailed history of your life with weight control issues,  look at your health and life style in general and discus if this is the right technique for you.  More sessions will follow and at each session you will be given a CD to take home and listen to as a vital part of your success.  

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