The voice and hypnotherapy

September 12, 2017

When training to be a counsellor, the most interesting thing fellow professionals would say to me was that I would adopt a certain look on  my face and slight tilt to my head.  This my colleagues would find this amusing and tell me it was my particular 'counselling face'.  Indeed, in training it was important to indicate to the client that attention was being paid and that I would be actively listening to the words they said.  I would adopt my 'counselling face'.


Likewise in training to be a hypnotherapist it became apparent that the voice was the important tool here to enable the client to achieve trance.  The tone, the speed, the language used are all things used to great effect to get the client to narrow focus and relax enough to descend into trance. The voice of the therapist needs to resonate with the client, needs to convey that the client will be safe listening in trance to the words spoken to affect the desired outcome of therapy.  I myself have bought relaxation CD's and found to my annoyance that the voice grated or irritated me so much, that relaxation was even further away from my grasp.


Never was the voice more important to me than last week when I had a slight head cold and could not speak, laryngitis prevented the normal tone, quality and verve needed to conduct hypnotherapy. No point trying to relax a client if my voice sounded more like I swallowed a gravel pit or at worst, disappeared completely!   After all, Erickson did say " voice will go with you, it can even assume the identity of someone you know, someone you trust....."  not sure too many of us would have know a voice (or lack of it) the like of which I possessed last week?   


Happy to say that all is restored to normal now and so normal hypnotherapy sessions will proceed, at the speed of (normal) sound..........



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