Whether your infertility has a known origin or is unexplained, having counselling or hypnotherapy can help you through treatments and the emotional impact this journey may have. I have worked with UK licenced clinics across the South West providing counselling to couples having assisted conception treatments.  


Treatments for infertility can have a deep impact on who you feel you are and change who you thought you would become. Because of this, clinics should offer you the opportunity for counselling.

Both councelling and hypnotherapy can help you with:


  • difficulties of achieving pregnancy - unexplained, male or female infertility

  • needle phobia’s/ hormonal treatments

  • grief and loss of pregnancy

  • donor conception for hetro and LGBT couples

  • the implications of surrogacy

  • knowing when to stop IVF/ moving onto adoption.


Getting the right help while going through an IVF treatment is important. There are many things to be considered when entering into fertility treatment, and counselling can be offered in three forms:


  • Implication counselling - for example, making you aware of any implications of treatments with your own or donated genetic material, including surrogancy. Welfare of the child assessments. 

  • Supportive counselling - for example, welfare of the child and disclosing to any child born this way how that child came into being. 

  • Theraputic counselling - for example,support after miscariage or relationship issues.  


Every human has the ethical right to know where it came from, and telling children that they may have been conceived from donated eggs or sperm can be difficult. Find out more information about why counselling is recommended and read about the experiences others have been through during fertility treatment by contacting the HFEA website.

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