Clinical Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is a state of induced relaxation of mind and body. We experience this state naturaly in everyday life, for example when we are falling asleep or daydreaming. It is a technique which focuses your attention, inviting you to safely embrace, in hypnotic trace, positive suggestions for your health, wellbeing and benefit. 

Most peoples interpretation of Hypnosis is what they see in a stage show - using it for entertainment. That is completely different to Clinical Hypotherapy, which is used to empower you and help you unlock your 'goal-focussed' resolutions.

Trying to cope with difficult emotions and make decisions around a diagnosis, treatment or changing your lifestyle can be hard. Hypnotherapy can help you to unlock a sense of empowerment and release your inner resources which may have been "lost" due to the stress and anxiety of your situation. 

My techniques aim to help you overcome obsticles, move road blocks in your mind and help restore balance and perspective to the new you.

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