Receiving a diagnosis of Cancer can turn life on its head.  It brings with it anxiety, fear, uncertainty and sometimes the initial feeling is to keep these feelings and thoughts inside.  This can be difficult and lead to more stress. Along with the psychological aspects of this disease, everything can be difficult to manage alone. I can provide a safe, secure environment to explore these issues and more:


  • Anxiety and stress

  • Work pressures,

  • Body image

  • Relationships

  • Treatments and side effects


I can use either/or and sometimes a combination as uniquely suits you of Counselling or Hypnotherapy to help you explore and come to a place of acceptance with many of the issues.  I teach self-help techniques to help you cope better with the stress of living with and beyond cancer, taking a more holistic approach to you as a whole person; mind, body, spirit and emotion. 


Often even if treatment has been successful, there may be problems with long term side-effects that influence quality of life or there may be issues with chronic pain, depression or anxiety about the future.


Years of experience of working with palliative care has enabled me to address and help those preparing to face their terminal illness and the issues that need to be met with sensitivity and care.

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